The 6ths -
Hyacinths and thistles

(Merge Records, September 2000)

  1. As You Turn to Go
    with Momus 
  2. Give Me Back My Dreams
    with Sally Timms 
  3. He Didn't
    with Bob Mould 
  4. I've Got New York
    with Melanie
  5. Just Like a Movie Star
    with Dominique A
  6. Kissing Things
    with Sarah Cracknell
  7. Lindy-Lou
    with Miho Hatori
  8. Night Falls Like a Grand Piano
    with Clare Grogan
  9. The Dead Only Quickly
    with Neil Hannon
  10. The Sailor in Love With the Sea
    with Gary Numan
  11. Volcana!
    with Marc Almond
  12. Waltzing Me All the Way Home
    with Odetta
  13. You You You You You
    with Katharine Whalen
  14. Oahu
    with Miss Lily Banquette