Stephin Merritt - 

(Nonesuch Records, March 2006)

  1. Theme from The Orphan of Zhao
  2. At Madam Plum's 
  3. The Top and the Ball 
  4. What a Fucking Lovely Day! 
  5. Auntie Toothache
  6. It's Hard to Be the Emperor 
  7. Sounds Expensive 
  8. The Red Shoes 
  9. Fan Dance Cha-Cha 
  10. The Little Maiden of the Sea 
  11. Ukulele Me! 
  12. Train Song 
  13. The Little Hebrew Girl 
  14. Shall We Sing a Duet? 
  15. The Song of the Humble Serf 
  16. The Collar and the Garter 
  17. Shall We Sing a Duet? Reprise 
  18. Sorry, Wrong Show 
  19. The Storks 
  20. In the Spring, When I Was Young 
  21. The Ugly Little Duck 
  22. And He Would Say... 
  23. The World Is Not Made of Flowers 
  24. Behold the Lowly Centipede 
  25. In China, Said the Moon... 
  26. Hail! Son of Heaven