Stephin Merritt - 

(Merge Records, August 2011)

  1. Forever and a Day
  2. Rats in the Garbage of the Western World 
  3. I Don't Believe You (7-inch Version) 
  4. Plant White Roses (Buffalo Rome Version) 
  5. Rot in the Sun
  6. The Sun and the Sea and the Sky 
  7. Yet Another Girl 
  8. Scream (Till You Make the Scene) 
  9. The Song from Venus 
  10. Beach-a-Boop-Boop 
  11. When I'm Not Looking, You're Not There 
  12. Take Ecstasy with Me (Susan Anway, vocal) 
  13. When You're Young and in Love 
  14. You Are Not My Mother and I Want to Go Home



Stephin Merritt - 
Coraline (Original off-broadway cast recording)

(Sh-K Boom Records, January 2010)

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  1. Overture

  2. A New House

  3. I Am Miss Spink (And I Am Miss Forcible)

  4. A Mouse Circus

  5. Mum and Dad

  6. At the Other End

  7. Song of the Rats

  8. When We Were Young and Trod the Boards

  9. Fluorescent Green Gloves

  10. Welcome Home

  11. A Lot of Noise

  12. Theatre Is Fun

  13. Stay With Us

  14. The Ballad of the Wasps

  15. O What a Lovely Trip

  16. Go To Sleep

  17. We Were Children Once

  18. When You‘re a Cat

  19. Recollections

  20. Whatever You Want

  21. The World Goes Flat

  22. I Saw a Show On Telly Once

  23. Falling... Falling...

  24. One Long Fairytale



Stephin Merritt - 

(Nonesuch Records, March 2006)

  1. Theme from The Orphan of Zhao
  2. At Madam Plum's 
  3. The Top and the Ball 
  4. What a Fucking Lovely Day! 
  5. Auntie Toothache
  6. It's Hard to Be the Emperor 
  7. Sounds Expensive 
  8. The Red Shoes 
  9. Fan Dance Cha-Cha 
  10. The Little Maiden of the Sea 
  11. Ukulele Me! 
  12. Train Song 
  13. The Little Hebrew Girl 
  14. Shall We Sing a Duet? 
  15. The Song of the Humble Serf 
  16. The Collar and the Garter 
  17. Shall We Sing a Duet? Reprise 
  18. Sorry, Wrong Show 
  19. The Storks 
  20. In the Spring, When I Was Young 
  21. The Ugly Little Duck 
  22. And He Would Say... 
  23. The World Is Not Made of Flowers 
  24. Behold the Lowly Centipede 
  25. In China, Said the Moon... 
  26. Hail! Son of Heaven



Stephin Merritt - 
Pieces of April (Soundtrack)

(Nonesuch Records, November 2003)

  1. All I Want to Know (The Magnetic Fields)
  2. As You Turn to Go (The 6ths) *
  3. Dreams Anymore (The Magnetic Fields)
  4. Epitaph for My Heart (The Magnetic Fields) *
  5. Heather Heather (The Magnetic Fields)
  6. I Think I Need a New Heart (The Magnetic Fields) *
  7. One April Day (Stephin Merritt)
  8. Stray with Me (The Magnetic Fields)
  9. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side (The Magnetic Fields) *
  10. You You You You You (The 6ths) *



Stephin Merritt - 
Eban And Charley (Soundtrack)

(Merge Records, January 2002)

  1. Mother
  2. Cricket Problem
  3. Some Sunny Day
  4. O Tannenbaum
  5. Poppyland
  6. Drowned Sailors
  7. Maria Maria Maria
  8. Titles
  9. This Little Ukulele
  10. Tea Party
  11. Tiny Flying Player Pianos
  12. Mother Remembered
  13. Victorian Robots
  14. Water Torture
  15. Greensleeves
  16. Stage Rain