The Gothic Archies -
The Tragic Treasury

(Nonesuch Records, October 2006)

  1. Scream and Run Away (from The Bad Beginning)
  2. In the Reptile Room (from The Reptile Room)
  3. The World Is a Very Scary Place (from The Wide Window)
  4. Dreary, Dreary (from The Miserable Mill)
  5. When You Play the Violin (from The Austere Academy)
  6. This Abyss (from The Ersatz Elevator)
  7. Crows (from The Vile Village)
  8. Smile! No One Cares How You Feel (from The Hostile Hospital)
  9. Freakshow (from The Carnivorous Carnival)
  10. How Do You Slow This Thing Down? (from The Slippery Slope)
  11. A Million Mushrooms (from The Grim Grotto)
  12. Things Are Not What They Appear (from The Penultimate Peril)
  13. Shipwrecked (from The End)
  14. Walking My Gargoyle (original song from The Carnivorous Carnival)
  15. We Are the Gothic Archies